Pavel Biryukov: Now is the time for creativity and unusual moves
PRISMA Company distributes quality shoes, which are in high demand among customers. The names of the brands Pablosky (Spain) and Superfit (Austria) have long become synonymous with the right shoes and the health-care for the children's feet. Pavel Biryukov, Head of Sales Department of PRISMA Company told us about the company's current situation.

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CJF and PROfashion have held a Virtual Fashion Week
PROfashion Publishing House and the largest Russian children's fashion exhibition CJF - Child and Junior Fashion presented a new joint project a virtual demonstration of children's collections "CJF - Children's Catwalk ONLINE".

Childrens Catwalk
Post-quarantine future: the rise of online sales and digital marketing
What is happening today with sales of children's products, how successful are online sales, how has consumer behavior changed, and what will it become after the quarantine? GfK research data for the first period of the epidemic showed that more than half of the buyers (52%) completely switched to online shopping. Representatives of different segments of the children's goods industry give their prospects, considering whether this purchase share will increase after the quarantine.

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