Orange Toys will surprise and delight fans with handmade dolls and Scandi toys

19 / 07 / 2022

A popular manufacturer of soft toys surprises and delights visitors to the Mir Detstva exhibition with new collections every year. And one of the most striking and memorable is in the form of toys-symbols of the coming new year. Sergey Molotkov, the head of Orange Toys, told us about the changes in the company's assortment lately.

- Sergey, your company Orange Toys is always very attentive to trends, actively using innovations. What changes in the company's range have taken place in the last year? What is included in your brand portfolio today?

- Of course, we follow market trends, we like to be relevant, attractive and desirable to a very demanding audience. We don't know how to stand still, our creative zeal keeps us busy.

In the last year our portfolio has grown, we have introduced two new brands to the market.

Firstly, we introduced the long-awaited Sweet Sisters collection into our range. It is our pride and hard work.

Sweet Sisters are fashionable and modern handmade soft dolls. The six characters in different looks with sets of clothes and accessories can replace any doll in terms of quality and functionality - from baby dolls to Barbie. Incredibly cute, detailed faces are printed on fabric in a way that can "survive" a large number of washings, which is important for play dolls. The dolls have a flexible frame and can adopt any posture. A special pride is the premium quality hair, which can withstand all temperatures, hair dryer and hot ironing. It can be styled into any hairstyle. All in all, these dolls will endure all "unchildish" trials from their owners. Thanks to the attractive packaging, they are a ready-made gift. Girls of different nationalities and types will find their girlfriend.

More recently the collection has been expanded with clothing and accessory sets, and a new series, Sporty Style, has also been released.

And another new addition this year is the Cotti Motti collection, wonderful toys in today's fashionable Scandinavian style. The collection uses natural, safe materials, so it's perfect for the youngest and most important. There are twelve favourite characters among which every little one will find a real cute friend.

As well as new items, we have refreshed almost all of our collections. The Ocean Collection has been updated with new characters - Scat, Lobster, Snail, and a number of characters are currently in development. In the Lucky Doggy and Life Collection we have added new images of popular heroes. The Surprises and Pushistiki collections have been considerably extended. We are constantly adding to the classic Orange Toys collection.

- Tell us more about what you are planning to present at the Mir Detstva exhibition in September? Will there be any presentation for customers?

We are looking forward to Mir Detstva and are already ready to surprise. The incredibly successful Symbol of the Year 2023 bunny collection will be presented to the general public! We are hearing the most rave reviews from customers, and that can't help but make us happy.

At the exhibition we will present all the aforementioned new products, as well as, of course, the secrets. We are also preparing some completely new stories for us and we really hope that no obstacles will prevent us from showing our new developments to the public. As always, it will be new materials, new characters and a unique style in soft toys, for which we are so loved and proud. We look forward to seeing everyone at our stand!