Press Release Mir Detstva 2022

19 / 09 / 2022

27th International Exhibition for the Childrens Industry

The Mir Detstva 2022 International Exhibition for the Childrens Industry is a leading show in Russia and the CIS, showcasing current global trends in the development of the market of goods for children and teenagers. It annually brings together leading manufacturers and suppliers of children's goods (such as games, toys, goods for creativity, stationery, school supplies and equipment, goods for newborns and babies, children's furniture and sports equipment, visual animation content for children), licensors, licensees, representatives of wholesale and retail trade, distributors, heads of associations and other interested parties at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. 

Reflecting the state of the industry, Mir Detstva helps saturate the market with safe products for children, showcases new products and allows effectively meet commercial objectives under one roof over just four days. 

A joint conference programme of Mir Detstva 2022 and CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2022. Autumn, which is held on the same dates at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, is aimed at discussing the development of the industry in the current economic conditions and sharing experience in a variety of business areas. 

The 27th edition of Mir Detstva in 2022 has retained its status as a unique platform for specialists in the children's industry. Some product sectors have grown. There are also new interesting exhibitors who have confidently entered the Russian market.

Official opening ceremony of Mir Detstva 2022 and CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2022. Autumn: 11.00, 27 September, Gallery between Pavilions No.2 and No.8

Dates:  2730 September 2022

Opening hours: 2729 September: 10.0018.00; 30 September: 10.0016.00

Venue: Pavilions No.2, 8, and Forum, EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia  

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Floor space: about 10,000 sq m

Exhibitors: about 300 companies (Grat West, the ROSMAN Publishing House, Nasha Igrushka, Nordplast, Russkiy Still, Sima Land, Simbat, Step puzzle, Simba Toys Rus, Gamma Trading House,  TNG, Rant, Kompania Optima, Phoenix+, Officemag, Nevskaya Palitra, Office-premier, Hatber-M, Red Cat, Poligraf Print, Polesie, Origami, Hobby World, Stellar, Kolorit, Gala-Centre, etc.)

Countries: Belarus, China, Italy, Russia, Uzbekistan 

Product sectors: Goods for newborns and infants. Games, toys, hobby supplies, models. Creativity and design, stationery. Licensed goods for children. Licensors/right holders, trade mark and brand owners. School supplies. Supplementary education for children. Childrens furniture, furniture and equipment for preschools. Sports equipment and facilities, multifunctional equipment for playgrounds. Everything for Christmas and New Year celebrations

Subsidies to participate in the show were received by some Russian companies from the Arkhangelsk, Belgorod, Chelyabinsk, Ivanovo, Kirov, Lipetsk, Moscow, Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Rostov, Saratov, Smolensk, Tambov, Tver, Ulyanovsk, Vladimir, Vologda, and Yaroslavl oblasts, and the Republic of Tatarstan.

Conference Programme

The joint conference programme of Mir Detstva 2022 and CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2022. Autumn includes more than 40 major events to be held in offline, online and hybrid formats.

The events will be attended by representatives of federal and regional legislative and executive authorities, leading experts in the children's industry, heads of industry unions, associations and foundations: the Russian State Duma Committee on Issues of Family, Women and Children, the Association of Childrens Goods Industry Enterprises, the Expert and Educational Centre for Assistance to Prospective and Current Parents Parents Choice, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, ROSTEST AO, Soyuzexpertiza ANO of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, RIKI Group, XWAY, Red Carpet Studio, Fashion Consulting Group, OLYMPX, Kids Fashion Retail, the Pelageya Gymnastics Center (Moscow), BRANDEFFECT International School of Practical Branding, BrandExpert Liberty Island, (Khabarovsk), Kiryukhin & Partners legal services, Europa Uno Trade AO, etc.

One of the programmes central events will be the 13th Congress of the Childrens Industry. It is organised by the Association of Childrens Goods Industry Enterprises with support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the Russian Ministry of Education, the Russian Academy of Education, and EXPOCENTRE AO.

Over three days from 27 through 29 September, the Congress will feature different plenary and practical sessions including the plenary session of the children's industry: building blocks for technological sovereignty, presentations of the best regional practices and innovative developments, and the award ceremony for the winners of the Innovation for Childhood competition. 

The discussion of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade's new programme for the procurement of teaching aids and equipment for pre-schools and general education facilities will be a priority.

The joint programme of EXPOCENTRE AO and KVK Imperia will include a series of events for manufacturers, distributors, retail chains, retailers, as well as licensors and licensees in the children's market from 27 through 29 September. 

One of these events is the 23rd Russian Trade Forum for Childrens Goods Suppliers with the Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains, which will take place on 27 and 28 September.  

More than 15 expert speakers will speak at the event, and more than 30 important topics will be raised, including dynamics and trends in the children's market, analytics on children's goods consumption, tools for retaining positions, clients and partners, as well as answers to the most complex questions about logistics, procurement and company optimisation in the current crisis conditions.  In addition, the forum participants will receive direct contacts from buyers of the most popular retail chains in the children's market in the Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains.

The Retail Chains Centre will also be of great practical importance to players of the children's goods market. Here from 27 to 29 September buyers from leading retail chains and wholesalers will hold direct talks with manufacturers and distributors of children's goods on new orders and contracts.

A workshop for Retail Chain Buyers will be organised by EXPOCENTRE AO in partnership with KVK Imperia at 11.00 on 29 September.

The 5th Russian Business Forum on the Market of Licensed Goods for Children will take place on 28 September. Analysts and experts in the licensing market will discuss changes in children's media consumption and the transformation of the market for licensed children's products following the departure of foreign companies. Licensing companies and well-known film studios will share tools for effective branding and children's favourite characters with producers. 

The 5th Russian Conference A Winning Formula for a Store for Children will be held on 29 September. Recognised experts in the children's market will discuss over 20 topics, current important issues and building blocks of a winning formula for a successful children's store in 2022-2023, such as anti-crisis merchandising, ways of making profit from every metre of a children's shop, and key changes in children's goods marketing. 

EXPOCENTRE in partnership with the OLYMPX digital agency organise the first Forum on the Integrated Internet Marketing for the Children's Industry on 27 and 28 September.  The event will be moderated by Anna Kilimnichenko, who is a founder of OLYMPX, consultant for strategic marketing and web marketing special projects, author of three professional development programmes for the digital sector, lecturer at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and Tomsk State University. The first day of the forum will be dedicated to the analysis of effective internet marketing tools in the children's industry. The second day will include business related events dedicated to increasing the return on investment in online marketing and a business game Mastermind: Increase Your Return on Advertising Investment by Three to Five Fold.

A special place in the programme will be taken by the educational programmes developed by EXPOCENTRE in partnership with leading Russian universities.

In particular, Expo-Academy jointly with Plekhanov Russian University of Economics will continue to hold educational workshops for small and medium-sized businesses specifically for the shows regional participants and visitors. 

For instance, the Workshop on Hybrid Staff Training (online and offline) on the Case of the Children's Retail will take place in Hall 1 of Pavilion No.7 at 11.00 of 27 September. It will be moderated by Director at the Fashion Retail and Fashion Industry Competence Development Center at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Svetlana Kostenko.

The Masterclass by Sergey Lelikov on How to Create a Brand that Opens up New Opportunities for Business Growth will start at 16.15 on 27 September in the Mir Detstva Presentation Area in Forum Pavilion. Sergey is a founder of the Higher Branding Courses and BRAND EFFECT Business Consulting Agency, editor-in-chief of the Brand Management magazine and for many years has been cooperating with Mir Detstva within the Expo-Academy project. This season Sergey will tell the audience how to build a successful brand and save a lot of budgets and time. The master class will show the logic of brand building and carry out analysis of different cases, including analysis of brand gaps on the example of well-known Russian companies.

On 27 and 28 September, Elena Pismenskaya, who is a founder of Kids Fashion Retail, expert, lecturer at the Creative Industries Center of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Russian School of Style, the Academy of Fashion and Style, and the Russian Fund of Educational Programs Economy and Management, will hold Workshops on the New Step of Retail Development: Offline & Online and the Effective Assortment Matrix: A Step-by-Step Development Algorithm.

The Parents' Choice Forum: Children's Products from Russian Manufacturers. Supporting Families and Businesses will run on 28 September 2022 at 10.00 a.m. The event is organised by the Expert and Educational Centre for Assistance to Prospective and Current Parents Parents Choice with support of the Russian State Duma Committee on Issues of Family, Women and Children, and EXPOCENTRE AO.  

The invited participants are Russian senators, deputies of the Russian State Duma, leaders of the United Russia party's projects to support Russian manufacturers and Russian families with children, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Ministry of Finance, the Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, and Russian manufacturers of goods for children.

The forum will feature an award ceremony and presentation of the winners of the Parents' Choice Award 2022 and a panel on the social ruble as a single measure of support for families and businesses. 

The events of the ROSTEST Academy deserve special attention. Its programme will include the Panel on How to Reduce Certification Costs and Adjust Supply Chain Logistics in the New Reality for everyone involved in the certification of goods and services, and the Presentation of Special Projects on New Tools for Market Regulation. The speakers representing ROSTEST will be CEO at ROSTEST AO Nina Moshchenskaya, Head of Internal Compliance at ROSTEST AO Yulia Vasiltsun, and Deputy Head of the Management Systems and Inspection Department, member of the ROSTEST Expert Council Oleg Khitrov.

On 29 September, the Academys special guest will be Alexey Mednikov, Assistant for Technical Regulation to Dmitry Manturov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, member of the State Commission for Combating Illicit Trafficking in Industrial Products.  

The Workshop on the Successful Practices in Working with the 0-3 Audience and Young Parents Using Riki Group's Animation Projects as a Case Study will be held at 16.00 on 28 September. General Producer of Riki Group Yulia Nikolaeva, Producer of the Malyshariki show Anna Korablyova and CEO at the Marmelad Media licensing agency (Riki Group) Maya Moskvicheva will share real-life practices regarding the specifics of working with the 0+ audiences using the Malyshariki and Tima and Toma projects as examples.

The Panel Discussion on the Successful Export of Children's and Animation Brands in Today's Environment. Leaders' Experience. Case Studies will be organised by EXPOCENTRE AO in partnership with Red Carpet Studio OOO on 29 September from 12.00 to 13.00.

The panels speakers are experts in licensing, content production and various children's goods, as well as services for trade and promotion on marketplaces around the world. They will share first-hand data, showcase the new season's show cases and development plans. A list of subsidies and other services organised by the Russian Export Centre will be announced, and a report on the work carried out over the last three years will be presented.

At the end of the discussion, there will be a raffle of three Super Meow books signed by Oleg Roy for the most interesting question. 

The discussion will be moderated by Natalia Ivanova-Dostoevskaya, Deputy General Producer for the Animation Business Development at Red Carpet Studio, film and animation producer, director, screenwriter, and lecturer at the Higher School of Economics. 

The invited speakers are Head of the Services Export Support Project at the Russian Export Centre Larisa Magkaeva, Chair at the Board of Directors of the Votkinsk Industrial Company Dmitry Zlobin, General Producer of the Voronezh animation studio Vladimir Nikolaev, writer and General Producer of Toy Roy Oleg Roy, and other experts.

The Forum on Entering Children's Shops on Marketplaces in the New Reality. Prospects and Pitfalls will take place from 11 a.m. to 14.45 p.m. on 29 September at the Mir Detstva Presentation Area in Forum Pavilion. The event is organised by EXPOCENTRE AO in partnership XWAY, which is an operational partner of marketplaces. 

During the forum, XWAY representatives will talk about the development of e-com in 2022, the main trends in online trading that will continue in 2023, and the specifics of selling children's goods on the major marketplaces Wildberries, Ozon, and AliExpress.

Representatives of Ozon, AliExpress and Detsky Mir have also been invited to participate. They will talk about the categories of children's goods on their platforms, and present successful cases of shop opening and development.

XWAY specialists will choose one of the existing shops on the marketplace and use it as an example to show how to improve product cards, improve category breakdown, and competently analyse prices and turnover. 

The forum speakers will be CEO at XWAY Anton Larin, founder of Kids Fashion Retail Elena Pismenskaya, XWAY experts in working with Russian marketplaces Ksenia Kubyshina, Tatiana Kazakova and Margarita Mayakova. 

The Workshop on Effective Strategies: How to Capture the Regional Market Without Blood and War, organised especially for Russian regional exhibitors and visitors, will take place on 29 September 2022 at 15.00. The topic of regional retail strategies for the children's fashion industry will be covered by the regional team Consult-DV: retail expert, founder of partnership, author of books on management Andrey Zausaev and strategic marketing expert, marketing director at regional retail chains (2008-2019), accredited marketing consultant at My Business Centre (2019-2022) Nadezhda Obedzinskaya. 

EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds will host an award ceremony of the International Competition of Goods for Children and Teenagers of Soyuzexpertiza ANO on 30 September.

The Expo-Academy project will feature Workshops on  the Telegram Channel for a Children's Shop and Why Inventory is Piling Up and What Should be Done with It, organised by EXPOCENTRE AO in partnership with Practical Fashion Solution. Its speaker will be Ekaterina Eliseeva, founder and CEO at Practical Fashion Solution with 18 years of experience, author of the first in Russia self-teaching book and workbook with tasks on sales techniques, author of the course on calculating store profitability.

The joint conference programme will be concluded with the Workshop on Specifics of Product Imports to Russia in 2022. Parallel Imports, organised by EXPOCENTRE AO in partnership with the Kiryukhin & Partners legal services. 

Speakers will answer such questions as what is meant by permission to import original goods without the rights holder's consent, formation of a list of original goods allowed to be imported without the rights holder's consent, prohibitions and restrictions in force, etc.

Expo-Academy will also include

  • Seminar on Umbrella Solutions. Creating a Brand for the Future

  • Masterclass on Five Ways to Draw in Customers in the Current Environment. A Case Study

  • Masterclass on the Goal of Your Business to Make Money. What's Stopping You From Doing It?

  • Workshop on How Not to Lose Control of Your Business in Times of Turbulence

  • Workshop on the Selling Visual Content on a Marketplace. Step-by-step Instructions

Results of the International Competition of Goods for Children and Teenagers of Soyuzexpertiza ANO will be announced in the Mir Detstva Presentation Area on 30 September.

The most fascinating event of the show is the 22nd edition of the Moscow International Festival of Balloons organised by Europa Uno Trade. It is supported by EXPOCENTRE AO and the worlds leading manufacturers of balloons, accessories and equipment. It will take place in Hall 1 of Pavilion No.8 from 26 through 30 September. This years theme is The Magic Power of the Art of Balloon Design. The festival will also include the Russia Open Professional Balloon Design Championship and balloon design workshops.   

The General Internet Partner of Mir Detstva 2022 and CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2022. Autumn is RDT-INFO.RU

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