City museum presents the Kotofey brand history

City museum presents the Kotofey brand historyThe Kotofey Lives Here exhibition dedicated to the history of Kotofey, a popular brand of children's shoes, will take place in the Egorievsk History and Art Museum from May 18 - August 30.

It is well known, a brands success is measured by the degree of its popularity among the customers. Now what if a brand is honored to be presented in a museum? Then, it means the highest recognition of the merits of the brand! It was precisely such recognition that Kotofey brand shoes for children received: the city of Egorievsk opened an exhibition in one of its museums in the brands homeland dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the factory. It presents the entire glorious history of the company, and of course, wide varieties of shoes for children, which can help trace the history of not only the factory, but of the whole country.

It all started in the autumn of 1935, when there, in the premises of the former kitchen factory of the city of Egorievsk, the Moscow Region, some work began on the reorganisation of the building into an industrial enterprise. At the same time, shoe machines were installed, and the training of future workers began.

In 1996, Egorievskaya Shoe Factory signed a contract with IGI, an Italian company, to manufacture shoes for children from the materials and under the technological control of Italian specialists. This cooperation allowed the factory to improve technologies, adjust the work in accordance with modern requirements. As a result, the factory was able to raise its own products to a new level. Egorievsk-Shoes, the owner of the brand, united all the production sites under the banner of Kotofey. The most daring ideas and developments are born here.