Astanda Chegia: a salesman of childrens clothing should be a stylist and a psychologist

Astanda Chegia: a salesman of childrens clothing should be a stylist and a psychologistTrends and Tendencies in the World of Childrens Clothing. Secrets of Successful Sales is the name of the trend tour which will take place in Pavilion No.3 at The Childrens Catwalk on September 25. Astanda Chegia, a stylist and an image-maker, the founder of Mental Stylistics, her own online school, will be conducting the trend tour.

The key issues for discussion during the tour will be touching upon the main trends of the world of childrens fashion (colors, patterns, fabrics) and the professional secrets of the stylists.

- Astanda, would you please tell us, what main trends of the children's fashion would you highlight today?

The world of children's fashion demonstrates a wide variety of trends. We have been meeting the Family Look more and more often and this season is no exception. The theme of unisex has been actively developed in children's fashion. In the upcoming season, we will meet more and more of these things, and that means we will be able to assemble clothes sets that are more versatile.

Astanda Chegia: a salesman of childrens clothing should be a stylist and a psychologist

The trend palette is bright and replete with such color shades as green, bright red, yellow, mint, coral, that is, for every taste. Casual style, street fashion, and sports-glamour-military styles are distinct in the silhouettes of the clothes for children. This is already a well-established trend.

- In your opinion, what are the main components of success of a children's clothing store?

- In my opinion, the stores success depends largely on the strategy of the leader, on the coordinated work of the team, and on a clear understanding of the audience, namely, the psycho types of the customers. It is necessary to update the collection regularly, train the staff continuously, and enhance their professionalism.

- What are the specifics of training of the sales personnel of children's clothing stores? Do they need to understand both the trends and psychology of the customers?strong>

- There are many nuances in the interaction with customers. Segmentation clearly allows us to understand how to behave with a particular buyer, and how to gain his trust and sell well. The salespersons should know their product range and specification of the materials very well, understand the trends and tendencies, create interesting children's images; they should be able to work with children. An employee can learn all this independently using books and the Internet, but only a few do so. Therefore, the store manager should take care of the professional growth of his team and conduct various trainings from time to time. I can assure you it will be the key component of the absolute success and provide big sales of stores and of brands.