Hobbius introduced fashionable innovations for children's creative play

Hobbius introduced fashionable innovations for children's creative playThe Hobbius products are designed to ensure that the children not only have fun, but also develop their fine motor skills, imagination, attentiveness, needlework skills, and other useful qualities.

There are many interesting things in the product range of this brand: from kinetic clay and thermo-mosaic to a knitting machine for children. Using a mosaic of self-adhesive elements, a thermo-mosaic, engravings, applications from paper flagella, and pictures for painting with colored sand, you can decorate your room yourself. You can also mold as a potter (from real clay and on a potter's wheel) or you can mold as a cook (toy snacks from color dough). There is a variety of sets to create jewelry, key chains and pendants; the sets of beads or elastics for weaving will allow you play young designers and fashionmongers. With a knitting machine for children, you can knit faster than your grandmother can! In addition, the sets of yarn with harmonious color combinations will allow young masters create fashionable knitted sets.

The product range is constantly updated, and it is designed for different ages: 3+, 5+, 6+, and 7+. The original drawings for applications and creative sets make up your own design bureau of the brand. The convenient and good-looking product packages are decorated with the image of Hobbius, a colorful kitten. All Hobbius products comply with the standards of the Technical Regulations On the safety of toys.