Ariadna-96 reports GnK® sales growth

Ariadna-96 reports GnK® sales growthAriadna-96, a Russian factory of childrens clothing, reported a revenue growth. At the end of April 2019, the company marked record monthly sales of GnK® new outerwear collection of the season Winter 2019/2020: the increase amounted to 20.1%.

In October 2018, the management of GnK® officially announced the media that the factory planned to grow every year at least 15% in revenue. Ariadna-96 had already achieved such a result before the season of winter clothing sales started.

The start of sales of the new GnK® winter collection was announced in mid-March, but the new models were only available for wholesale pre-order for childrens clothing stores, online stores, retail chains, and other market players. The retail sales of new GnK winters officially start in July.

The Brands analysts also noted that the main increase was recorded in the category of overcoats for girls, which was 36.6%. This product group has been showing a positive dynamics for several seasons, and it is a best seller. The number of models presented in this category of the product range increased in the new collection of GnK® Winter 2019/20.