Brands and bloggers: learning to work together!

Brands and bloggers: learning to work together!Promotion of Children's Brands in the Blogosphere Conference will take place on September, 25 in the Forum Pavilion on the interactive platform. You have a chance to meet face-to-face with bloggers who today have an undeniable influence on consumers and who can either bury your brand, or launch it to a sky-high success!

The conference will bring together marketing communications specialists who will tell you how to build communication with bloggers so that the customers will love your brand or product.

The main task of the conference is to show the audience how tightly the Internet promotion and advertising is connected to the blogosphere and niche social media.

Brand promotion through the media and bloggers is becoming more and more popular. The results of the Nielsen study show that today 92% of consumers follow the recommendations they see in social media and in traditional media, and only 33% of users trust advertising banners. Almost all brands use this marketing influence tool, but these days, with increased influence and authority, it is gaining a new momentum. People are less likely to trust open advertising, and more likely to trust the opinion leaders. How to start working with external sites, media and popular bloggers? How not to waste the budget and achieve the planned KPI?

Moderator: Maria Pogorayeva, Pink Communications CEO & Founder.

Principal Speaker: Larisa Surkova, a well-known blogger, a mother of five children, Candidate of Psychological Sciences (Instagram account: @larangsovet, 1.8 million subscribers).