Roskachestvo checked quality and safety of school jackets

Roskachestvo checked quality and safety of school jacketsThe Russian Quality System (Rokachestvo) has conducted a study of school jackets for elementary school students. Twenty-eight brands were tested for safety, quality of fabrics, and tailoring.

According to the results of the study, the products made by Desalu, SLV, Natali-Style, Shaluny, Start, Gulliver, Our Form, Sky Lake, Aivengo School, and Kavalier New were recognised as high quality and safe. Moreover, the products of two brands from the above Our Form and Start meet all the requirements of Roskachestvo.

The study has revealed the following violations: the lining fabric of jackets of 11 brands does not correspond to the norms of breathability and / or water absorption. That is, 39% of the studied jackets are not recommended for purchasing since they are unsafe for the children. Among the goods that do not meet the safety requirements, five are manufactured in Russia and six are produced abroad.

Many remarks of Roskachestvo also concern the marking violations: in 39% of the jackets, the actual composition of the fabric did not match the one stated on the label, or the product did not have any information about the composition. However, in most cases, the fabric was durable, tear- and abrasion-resistant.