The exhibitions present an effective marketing instrument. Taking into consideration the economic and financial depression, it can be used for the support of economic activity and maintenance of business in the period of slump on the financial and produce market.

Participating in Mir Detstva you get every opportunity to:

  • make face-to-face contacts with professionals;
  • exchange views with other market participants;
  • compare competitive offerings;
  • analyze market situation;
  • market products that are in demand.

The Russian market of goods and services for children and teenagers today:

  • one of the most rapidly developing markets
  • experts estimated that 2008 annual turnover was about 10 billion US dollars
  • sustainable 20% market growth over the last several years
  • ctive government policy on social and demographic issues
  • low dependence of demand on prices and familys level of income as goods and services for children and teenagers need constant renewal thus ensuring market viability