Svetlana Zhurova, First Deputy Chairperson of the Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs

- I've been taking part in the Mir Detstva opening ceremonies for many years as I am a member of the Supervisory Board of the Russian Association of Children's Goods Industry. It's very important for me to see the development of the industry.

You always want to see something new. The exhibition gives an opportunity to show new products and to understand how the market is developing and what are its trends. Manufacturers are fast to identify what children and their parents need to boost development via toys, other goods and garments, food and sleeping furniture. Here we can see brand new products and solutions.

Anna Kuznetsova, Russian Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights

- It's my second time at Mir Detstva. The show has been held for 25 years, and I would like to congratulate it on this anniversary. These 25 years of bringing together manufacturers, top managers, authorities, experts and all those people who are interested in the children's industry show that Mir Detstva is needed and important. It has stood the test of time.

I'm a commissioner for children's rights that is why it is very important for me to bring to life all those ideas that are set by the Childhood Decade programme. I believe it is much more important than reports, accounts, figures and diagrams which will be drawn later. That is why I would like to wish this exhibition to grow and help to make all those great exhibits, such as toys, learning games, construction kits and other goods for children, more affordable so that every kid could have them.

Expocentre was a revelation for me last year. It was my first time here. I met people who make the exhibition and its stands. This year I shake hands with them. Now we have common projects. We schedule our next meetings and discuss results of our work. Expocentre Fairgrounds has become a meeting place for people who share the common idea of protecting children. It is very important that we have met each other here at this event. I'm looking forward to further cooperation.

What can I wish Expocentre on its 60th anniversary? Longevity, health, happiness. Seeing how many people and ideas are brought together here, I am absolutely positive that it will be achieved.

Anna Kuvychko, Deputy of the Russian State Duma, Member of the Committee on Issues of Family, Women and Children:

- It is a good tradition of the Committee on Issues of Family, Women and Children to take part in events and trade shows like this one. It helps us to exchange experience with our colleagues because professionals of the children's industry are, along with parents, involved in children's education. Education and upbringing are carried out via games and new fashion trends. We are talking about physical health and intellectual development. It is very important for us. At the same time, we realize that it is the professionals of the childrens industry who bear this great responsibility because they are accountable for the quality and safety of these products.

Today, the most important issue for the relevant authorities and this industry's professionals is how to make this market both modern and affordable for our little customers. If we put all our efforts into it, we will achieve great success.

This exhibition makes you aware that there are no indifferent people in this industry. They all are result oriented and interested in what they do. We are proud of products made in Russia. Surely we will do our best to make our little customers happy with these goods.

People show only the best things at exhibitions. We come here to see the industry's trends. Every year is a step forward.

Antonina Tsistulina, President of the Russian Association of Children's Goods Industry

- The 25th anniversary edition of Mir Detstva has become a starting point for the next quarter of a century for our industry. They say that a trade show is a mirror of a market. This years exhibition gives the fullest picture of all categories of goods for children.

What is the difference this year? That main thing is that this year more than 25 Russian regions had their regional showcases as part of the Priority National Project on International Cooperation and Export. I'd love to see no less than 50 regions in the coming years because Russia's largest manufacturers of these goods are located in 75 regions. It means that our association, the exhibition and the industry have room for growth.

The most important people at the exhibition are professionals how come here and then bring such goods as toys, baby clothes, baby cots and others to even the smallest villages and truck shops. Other important people are of course our manufacturers, distributors, international companies, which show the best Russian or foreign products and solutions. This show is a beginning of our season.

Elena Korovina, Chairperson of the Committee on Medical Technologies of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs

- First things first, I would like to thank the top management of Expocentre. This year the company celebrates its 60th anniversary. I can't name a more youthful, creative and forward looking venue. Right now we are working on a unique project for Moscow, which is called "We Are Your Future". There is no doubt that Expocentre Fairgrounds can be the right place for it.

We are interested in goods for children, new materials and new technologies. Something special! We also took interest in everything related to creative activities for children. Your trade show of goods for children offers great opportunities to develop creative potential.

Our series "We Are Your Future" is about what we want to see in our children. First of all, it is aimed at teenagers and their goals. The series of workshops includes career guidance and answers to such questions as what I want to be, how to achieve it and how to build the right relationship with the future employer. We will carry out all these plans at the best venue Expocentre Fairgrounds.

Natalia Moskalenko, owner of Babys Joy

- I've been a head and owner of Babys Joy for 25 years. Babys Joy is a Russian brand of goods for children. We make a model line for children of different ages ourselves. Today, our brand follows the Fast Fashion trend and offers its customers new constantly updated models and assortment. In 2019 we received a Golden Bear award in the category of goods and services. Our company works together with retailers of goods for children. This show helps us to generate new contacts and sales leads and show them what we have created. Every edition is a new step for our company. We are often trying to make a new collection right before the show to make our young customers happy.

We are always watching the CJF fashion shows very closely. Trends in clothes for children help us to see market trends. Some manufacturers who show their clothes at the catwalk are our clients. The list of new clients is very long. They can come from Far East or Caucasus, literally from all over Russia. Some of them are from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Belarus. Our neighbors find very interesting products here to take them with them back home. After the show we meet our clients quite often to discuss current issues.

Nothing can take the place of such events which bring together such a huge number of manufacturers and sellers. Besides, face-to-face contacts are very important today. You can look your supplier in the eye and discuss the most pressing issues to find solutions. One can take a piece of clothes, look at it closely, try it on and turn it inside out. Online we can see only a pretty photo but here we can learn much more about the goods we are interested in. It is really important.

Sergey Kirsanov, CCO, Trassa Plus

- It's the fifth time that our company takes part in this exhibition. Our brands are Poivre&Blanc and Kamik. CJF is one of the largest Russian trade shows, maybe even the only one, which brings together all top brands. It has clients from all over Russia, from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kaliningrad and other cities. It is very important to maintain face-to-face contact with our long-standing partners.

Our brands are intended for colder regions that is why we have many clients from Siberia, Far East, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Kamik is a high-tech garment and footwear brand, and Poivre&Blanc is about beauty and fashion.

This show turned out to be very effective for us. We have met our clients, exchanged experience and showed our new products and models. The feedback is also here. For us, the exhibition is the future of our collections. We are working with marketing experts to increase our brand awareness and adapt it to the Russian market. We are always looking forward to meeting new partners from new cities, and we are always ready for networking and cooperation.