Dmitry Kotov: Valeotoys for healthy lifestyle the companys new product

Dmitry Kotov: Valeotoys for healthy lifestyle  the companys new product

The Ivanovo Toy Factory is a Russian manufacturer of dolls and toys, founded back in 1942. Most of Ivanovo toys are dolls beloved by several generations of Russians with familiar images and names. At the autumn exhibition, the factory plans to show a line-up of new dolls, described below by Dmitry Kotov, the companys CEO.

We will present our new project together with the pedagogical Institute and Igor Menshov, Phd in Pedagogy. It is our unique valeocourse "Eight Rules and Eight Friends of Health". Each toy teaches children how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Today's preschoolers have poor health. Only about 20 % of preschoolers can be considered completely healthy, and 60% have various health abnormalities. Many are diagnosed with several diseases at the same time. In the modern system of preschool education, game-based learning tools are of great importance for the formation of a healthy lifestyle for children from an early age.

Dmitry Kotov: Valeotoys for healthy lifestyle  the companys new product

Valeotoys® are developed on the basis of modern scientific data on health and healthy living and correspond to each of the eight basic rules. These toys teach how to comply with these rules (based on images, games with them, voice tips). The health friend RASPORYADELKIN (the routine observer) teaches daily routine. The health friend ZAKALYALKIN (the master of toughening up) teaches resistance to cold. The health friend UMYVALKIN (the washing master) teaches personal hygiene. The health friend OBSCHALKIN (the communication master) teaches interpersonal communication. And so on!

Each toy is equipped with a voice chip, and they are completely different. For voice acting, we invited eight children from the Ivanovo orphanage. It was a social project "We support the Zvezdny Orphanage". We tested all the toys in the municipal kindergartens of Ivanovo. The results showed that the interest in healthy living increased by 42% among children from 4 to 6 years old.

So far, these dolls are not sold in retail. These toys are addressed only to specialists in preschool education. We have already sold more than 50 sets of dolls to a number of regions such as Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Khanty-Mansiysk, and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. We expect that these dolls will attract the visitors' attention at the autumn Mir Detstva exhibition.