ACGI holds a series of webinars for companies of the childrens industry

ACGI holds a series of webinars for companies of the childrens industry

The Association of Children's Goods Industry Enterprises (ACGI) holds a series of webinars dedicated to the work in a restrictive environment.

Antonina Tsitsulina, the President of the Association, answers relevant questions of entrepreneurs about the measures of state support, delays in payment of taxes, rent, credits, etc.

A project office has been established in the Association in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade. We collect a weekly analytics from partner companies, showing their condition in this stage of the crisis. Several product categories were hit at once clothes, footwear, school supplies, children's books. Today, parents have reduced their expenses as much as possible. Everybody tries to project what will happen to them, to their salary and work, when this situation ends. Nevertheless, statistics show that absolutely all online sites have significantly increased their sales of these products.

The children's industry represents a socially significant product segment, said Antonina Tsitsulina, today it has been included in the list of industries to which special support measures will be provided. First of all, these are tax incentives and help to reduce costs. We actively interact with our members. If you have any questions, please contact us!

To participate in the webinars, you have to install ZOOM on your computer or smartphone. See details at >>